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teeth whitning

Perfectly white teeth are associated with beauty and health. Despite brushing regularly, many people still are unable to achieve the optimum white color for their teeth. This is where our aesthetic dentists can help and are able clinically brighten teeth to improve their clients smile.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Many of us dream of the perfect smile with white straight teeth. Our world class dentists can help you achieve this dream and can discuss how to improve your smile and increase your confidence.

Dental implants

In addition to poor aesthetics, missing teeth can lead to irreversible loss of jaw bone and over-eruption of opposing teeth, making it difficult replacements to be designed. Missing teeth can easily and successfully be replaced using a range of different materials. These include removable dentures, bridges and implants.

Why chose us?

We alleviate pain and improve your smile using the best technology, evidence based knowledge by a friendly team in safe environment.

Dr. Fadil

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology – University of London.
Bachelor of Dentistry – University of London.
Associate of King’s College– University of London.
MSc King’s College – University of London.
PhD – Queen Mary University of London.

New Technology

The hospital is equipped with the latest technology to enable dentists to carry out treatment to a high standard and with precision. This includes metal free fillings, zirconium, CAD CAM Technology. The hospital is fully computerized to ensure continuing care for our patients

Patient Services

The dental hospital provides specialist services with advanced skill using the latest technology.

The hospital

The hospital is situated in the historic Palace street in the centre of old Khartoum and the grand mosque. The dental teams provide specialist services using the latest technology.


The hospital uses the advanced technology such as 3D X-ray technology (3D CT) for diagnosis and computerized CAD CAM technology for constructing crowns and bridges.

Experience accuracy, comfort and distinction

Smile Centre

The smile centre has example of cases that were treated in the hospital.

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