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The hospital

The clinics are situated in the central and historic part of Khartoum at Palace (Qasr Street). The Nile river and the Grand Mosque are nearby. The clinic is a 40 dental chair facility that provides primary and specialist care under one roof using the latest technology. Many of our patients present with advanced disease and some with extreme poverty and few options. We are constantly reminded that having escaped deprivation ourselves, our mission, in part, should focus on alleviating dental pain of those trying to figure a way out. We totally understand that to get to us some may have travelled for days or even weeks from remote parts of Sudan, Chad or Somalia. We promise to continuously evaluate the evidence behind our treatment protocols to ensure our patients receive treatments which are scientifically proven and cost effective as best we can.

New Technology

The hospital has been equipped with the latest equipment to enable our dentists to diagnose and treat dental disease effectively. We believe in providing high level evidence based primary and secondary care to our patients in a comfortable environment. Despite the difficulties of providing optimum health care in a developing nation such as Sudan, we aim to make the technology available to those who need it rather than those who can afford it. This helped the clinic to play a social and an educational role in addition to routine patient care.

Patient Services

The hospital has a holistic approach to dental care which involves treatment as well as prevention.
Central Sterilization
Orthodontics and Pediatric Denistry
Restorative Dentistry and Prosthodontics (included white fillings, root canal treatment)
Oral Surgery
Continuous Proffessional Development and Education
We are also proud to be suppored by a Clinical photography department, laser section.

Dr. Fadil

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology – University of London.
Bachelor of Dentistry – University of London.
Associate of King’s College– University of London.
MSc King’s College – University of London.
PhD – Queen Mary University of London.


The hospital uses the advanced technology such as 3D X-ray technology (3D CT) for diagnosis and computerized CAD CAM technology for constructing crowns and bridges.

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